Our Charity Shop Outfits! - Nic's Blog

It's Friday bom biday bom biday. Ooooohhh Friday boom chikki boom chikki boom!!!

So yesterday we went out to the charity shops to buy some outfits. Tom went to the British Heart Foundation, I went to Age UK and Jack went to Scope.

Tom spent £9, I spent £20 and Jack spent £30. Charity shops do some really good clothes!!
If you want to know how we earned our cash, we went out and did some odd jobs. Here's a little highlights video of how we got on.

I'm sure you'll agree, Tom has one hell of a voice!........yeh.
Have a great weekend! I'm off to do a hot yoga class fore the fist time. Should be interesting.
Next week me and Tom have a little surprise for Jack. It's a big year for him this year, celebrating 10 years on air and he'll be turning 40 in August. Make sure you listen to find out.
Laters taters xx