It's Friday!!! What a morning!!!

First of all, thankyou so so much for your messages last night over twitter! Apart from a few cheeky guys, many of you didn't want Jack to cut my hair this morning.

It all started earlier in the week when we had a disagreement about hairdressing. Jack thought it was easy to cut in a straight line, I thought he was wrong. It got a tad heated and apparently we acted a bit childish so Tommy decided to settle it.
He said we should play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, and the loser would lose some hair. I would lose my hair, and Jack would lose his eyebrows.
We played it on yesterdays show.........................I lost.
So this morning just after 8 Jack would be cutting my hair live on the show. I cannot tell you how nervous I was! You know when your breathing gets faster, your hands start to shake and you feel your heartbeat in your face? Yeh, that.
Here is that moment, just in case you missed it.....
AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! THANKYOU JACK!!! Such a Gentleman!! PHEW!!
See ya Monday!
Nic xx