Please Don't Cut My Hair Jack!!

Hi everyone!! Nicola here!!

I'm not happy. Nope. Not happy at all. Not one little bit.

If you heard it this morning, you may already know that tomorrow i'm going to be in a spot of bother.
It all started yesterday when Jack mentioned that he thinks it's easy to cut hair. No. He was wrong! Anyhoo, long story short, we got into a bit of a disagreement which got a bit heated.
We received a text saying that we should settle it with a challenge, and the loser would lose some hair. Yep.
Jack would get to cut my hair (aaahhhhhhh) and I would get to shave off both of Jack's eyebrows.
Tom decided this morning that it should be decided over a childish game because we were acting childish. 
This morning we played 'Hungry Hungry Hippos'! I haven't played that for years!!!
Here is how it went....
That, ladies and gents, is why i'm not happy!
So tomorrow just after 8 Jack will be cutting my hair live on the show. If he goes mad i'll destroy him!!
Nic :-( x