Poor little Kyron...

It's Thursday! We're so so close to the weekend! So close I can practically smell that Saturday morning bacon sandwich.

This morning we had a little chat about silly accidents. It all started from my best pals nephew Kyron who got a potty stuck on his head. I'm being serious. An actual toilet booster potty. He was wearing a potty necklace, they're quite the fashion statement you know. Anyhoo, after a long time and several tools, it was proving impossible to get off so they headed to A&E to get it sorted by a professional. Look at this adorable photo....

Kyron potty head
Aboojaboojaboo! What a little pudding!! He'll be so embarrassed when he's older when he finds out that this photo has been seen by so many people!
So we asked this morning, have you ever had to head to hospital due to an embarrassing accident?
There were lots of you who headed in with things stuck up your noses. Who shoves a lego mans leg up their nose? Dale in Crawley's sister did! Haha! So silly!
But the best story, the ultimate story went to Kayleigh. You HAVE to listen to this!..
See ya tomorrow morning bright and early from 6!
Nic x