Radio Hide & Seek

It's the middle of the week, Wednesdaaaaay!!

This morning Nicola and Jack got a bit childish....

Tom revealed that in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, there is a chance that 'Hide and Seek' could be one of the new events! Next thing we knew, Jack ran off to hide within Heart HQ! So Nic set off to find him. Who knew Hide and Seek could be so much fun?!

Watch below to see how she got on... 

Also this morning Heart Breakfast were asking 'How does Owl beat Man'? Yep. Nicola revealed that a couple booked an owl to deliver their wedding rings for their wedding ceremony, unfortunately the Owl flew off and went to sleep in the rafters. Jack got a tad offended that the best man wasn't chosen to deliver the rings. The thing is, owls are much more adorable than man and they never turn up drunk to the church, therefore we can confirm that yes, OWL IS BETTER THAN MAN!! HURRAY!!


Tune in to Heart Breakfast tomorrow as there's ANOTHER chance to win tickets to the Brighton Comedy Festival! Listen from 7.  *high five*