Rules Of Being A Private Investigator

It’s officially hump day which is always good news because it means the weekend is in sight!

Lyns was feeling very proud of the boys today…they’re off to London tonight for a swanky awards ceremony as they’ve been nominated for an important radio award. Jack is more than a little concerned Tom will humiliate him though as should they be lucky enough to win Tom wants to deliver a lengthy acceptance speech. Jack is more of the opinion that they should get on, collect, get off…rockstar stylee. Fortunately you lovely lot agreed in a quick text poll so Tom will have to keep his over-active gob shut!

Also this morning we got talking about the fascinating world of private investigation…a topic Jack considers himself quite an expert on. In fact he knows exactly what it takes to be a PI. 


Jeff from Rottingdean was our player on the Big Town Showdown this morning and did himself and the people of R-dean proud with a decent time of 56.9 seconds. He didn’t get close to the top of the leader board though so if you think you can do better then register online now!


On tomorrow’s show we’ll find out how Tom & Jack got on at their glitzy awards do and Jack will be bringing a surprise guest on the show. Oooh intriguing!

See you on the flip side…as the kids might say.