Singing Pandas

We're in the middle of the week! The top of the mountain!

This morning we had an update on the the pandas at Edinburgh zoo!

Remember Tian Tian and Yang Guang? They're the 2 pandas who the world are hoping will start a family.

Well, it's mating season! Isn't that exciting! Fingers crossed!!

They're being played music into their enclosure to "help them along" apparently. Well, it seems that they are no stranger to music. Yang Guang reportedly performs to Tian Tian to catch her eye.

Well well well, guess who has a clip of him performing........WE DO!! Have a listen to this..

Singing Panda At Edinburgh Zoo

Wow weee!!

Oh and Tylie!! Tylie Tylie Tylie!! She was back this morning to play day 3 of our 'winner stays on' comp to win a trip to Dallas Texas and my goodness, that's 9 questions she's got right! The big question is, will she get them right tomorrow? Because if she doesn't, you could be there waiting in the wings to grab those Dallas tickets!!

Listen from 7:20 tomorrow to find out!

Laters Taters!

Nic xx