It's Thursday! Know what that means?........FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! HURRAY!!

This morning was round 4 of the Office Winter Olympics!

All week it's been Tom Vs Jack and after round 3 (Brie Jump) the score stood at 2-1 to Jack. Tom had to win today's challenge to take it to a tie break.
Today's round was titled 'Snowballs'.
I gave the boys a bowl of ice cubes each. They then had to put the ice down their pants and whoever lasts the longest, WINS! It's as simple as that.
If you missed it this morning, don't worry!!! It's right here for you to listen at your pleasure...

So there we have it!!!! JACK IS THE CHAMPION!!! We did film it, so the video will pop up on our facebook page tomorrow.
Also this morning, we had another update from the inspirational Davina McCall and she also played the big town showdown!! She's a local lady so this morning she played for Tunbridge Wells.
Want to hear her round? Well here you go!...
Tomorrow is of course Valentines Day and we've set up 2 ways for you to declare your love. If you want to call our 'Love line' then phone 0127331 6966 and leave your message for your other half, one rule though, you MUST sing it.
Also tomorrow, if you head to Worthing station, you'll find our 'Love Mic'. It's a live feed to the studio and you can only approach the mic if you are going to propose!! Oooohhhhhhh!!!!!

Nic x