Strangest Thing That You Are Afraid Of

Anyone spot any meteor showers last night? Nope us neither but then we were all tucked up in bed by 9pm!

On the show this morning Lynsey had a warning for male holidaymakers everywhere (and their female counterparts if they’re the ones in charge of packing!). There are three things you need to avoid wearing when abroad to prevent yourself from looking like you have made no effort in the fashion stakes whatsoever. They are tired old baseball caps, Hawaiian shorts and t-shirts bearing slogans. Jack is all about the white linen when he goes on holiday…right down to the shirt only buttoned once in the middle (bleurgh). Tom confessed to wearing a t-shirt on his honeymoon that his wife made him remove as soon as she spotted him in it. Apparently it had the letters FBI emblazoned across the front…and then ‘Female Body Inspector’ in brackets underneath. Oh Tommy!

We were talking odd fears today after we revealed that Taylor Swift is terrified of googling herself. Tom & Jack thought this really very strange…but not half as strange as some of the things you lovely lot are frightened of! 

Stupid things That You Are Scared Of.


On tomorrow’s show the holiday theme continues as we’ll be chatting about the things you’re guaranteed to do when you first get to your destination. Waaaah we want to go on holiday!!!!

See you bright ‘n early.