Tanned Tom!

Welcome to Friday! Fridays are the best! If I could hug Friday, I would.

This morning I brought in a surprise for the boys. But who would it be for? Tom? Jack?

Earlier this week we found out that the North East has been named 'The orange capital of the UK'.

Now both Tom and Jack have never had a spray tan before so I thought it was time they got involved! Right?! YEH!

So I gave Claire a call. Claire does spray tanning for a living in Worthing and I wanted her to pop in the tan up one of the boys.

After a quickfire question round, it ended up being Tom that lost! 

We made him get down to his pants and stand in the pop up booth for his spray tan treat. I think he actually secretly enjoyed it!

If you missed it this morning (or you heard it but also want to see the video) WATCH THIS!! 

He looks good! Well done Tom, yes you look lovely with your freshly tanned skin. 

Thankyou so much to Claire for popping in, you can check out her facebook page here.


Have a fab weekend! Make sure you join us on Monday as we have an unbelievable prize for you! Fancy being a real life cowboy or cowgirl in DALLAS, TEXAS?!!! 

Listen from 7.25 and that prize could be your! AMAZING!!

See ya then!

Nic xx