The End Of National Poetry Month

Happy hump day everyone!

This morning Tom reminded us that April is National Poetry Month, he wanted to celebrate it.


So we decided to go for the "fun" poems......limericks.

We were each given a name or a place as every limerick always starts with either "There was a young man called....." or "The once was a man from....."

Tom picked out 'Crawley'.

I had 'Steve'.

Jack picked out 'Goring'.

Here's our limericks...(bare in mind, we wrote them in about 3 minutes)

Here's Toms: 
There was a young man from Crawley
Who suddenly came over all poorly
Whilst eating corn on the cob, he got it stuck in his gob
He won’t be eating that any morley.

Here's mine:
There was a young man called Steve,
There was nothing he couldn't achieve,
He took part in pole vault,
And beat Usain Bolt,
With a pogo stick hid up his sleeve!

& here's Jack's:
There was a young husband from Goring
Whose love life become pretty boring
So he tried something new
And made love in one shoe
But his wife she still ended up snoring.

That was quite a tough challenge actually. 

Make sure you join us tomorrow for 'pinch punch 1st of the month'! We'll have another round of the big town showdown. How many do you normally get right?

Nic xx