The List!!

It's Friday bom biday bom biday!!

Happy Chinese new year!!! 2014 is thee year of the horse, let's all pretend to be cowboys!

So today we revealed the big list.
The ultimate list.
The list of things for Jack to do before he turns 40. 
Wanna see it? Well do ya? Myself and Tom compiled this list after all of the suggestions sent in by you. We picked out the best and biggest 10 and here they are....
1. Play drums in an arena
2. Ride a rollercoaster naked
3. Appear on a TV show
4. Take a spontaneous trip
5. Take part in a food fight
6. Starting from Hastings Pier, arrive at work in Portslade via land, sea and air.
7. Busk with a celebrity
8. Hold an event in the sky
9. Do another sponsored hike along the Sussex coast
10. Present a show from a foreign location.

He's particularly worried about number 2. To be honest I think most spectators would be too!

See ya Monday!! Next week the Winter Olympics are starting, i wonder what we have planned.....hhhmmmmmmm....

Nic x