The Office Winter Olympics!

It's the start of a fresh new week. I say fresh. It's not fresh. The weather is still very much the same. Boring boring rain.

This morning we kicked off the 'Heart Breakfast Office Winter Olympics'!!

It's Tom Vs Jack this week and I am the games master Mwaahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!
I'll be setting up and organising each game. This morning we started with 'Wrap Up Warm'.
We all know it's cold at the Winter Olympics so we need to keep warm. Tom and Jack had 60 seconds to put on as many items of clothing as possible.
Want to know how they got on?! Listen to this....
It was close! So so close!
Here are the results...
Jack - Tops - 7
         Bottoms - 0
Tom - Tops - 6
         Bottoms - 2
So overall Tom scored 8, beating Jack's 7. So as it stands after day 1,
TOM - 1     JACK - 0
Make sure you listen tomorrow as we play round 2!!
Also, at 5 past 8 we'll be having a chat with the very lovely Davina McCall!!
See ya then!
Nic xx