Things We'd Avoid on Holiday

As much as we love Tony Shepherd (who doesn’t?!) it was good to have our Tom back from his long weekend with the family.

He had a wonderful time but managed to get himself locked out of his hotel room on the balcony when the patio doors jammed shut. That’s funny enough in itself but just to add to the comedy Tom was only in his boxer shorts and returning to the hotel around the same time was a mini-bus load of guests from a nearby wedding who all stopped to point and laugh. Ok we may have exaggerated that a little…but we bet they had a secret little snigger to themselves!

Also today we got chatting about how exciting it is when you’re counting down to your summer holiday…OH YEAH! Apparently one in three Brits would pay £50 each to avoid all contact with children on holiday…which got us thinking about the other little things you’d pay extra for whilst abroad. Here are some of the things you'd like to have removed...


Big Town Showdown

On today’s Big Town Showdown Simon represented East Grinstead but only managed to get 7 questions right adding a 30 second penalty onto his time and landing him 29th on the leaderboard. Ouch! If you fancy your chances register to play now HERE.


On tomorrow’s show we’ll be rating the gift that Tom bought for his wife’s birthday…did he pull it out of the bag or is divorce on the cards?!

See ya tomoz!