Things You Only Do On Holiday

Hiya! It's not raining! HURRAY!

This morning Tom, Jack and myself were asking "what are the things you are guaranteed to see and do when on holiday".

For me, it's a fry up. I have one every morning when i'm away! I'd never do that at home!

Here's some of the things you suggested

- Walk around a mini mart in your speedos/bikini. (Imagine doing that in Asda)

- Finishing every meal with a shot of limoncello.

- Drink a beer at 10am. Because you can!

- Spot a quiet couple that never speak to eachother. There's always one!

- Dressing up every evening. (If only we popped on a dress just to have a shepherds pie at home)

We then received a call from Hayley in Newhaven......she is 'That woman' that we always see on holiday.....She's the one who always walks around poolside topless while talking to strangers! HAYLEY!!


Don't forget to join us again tomorrow! From 8:25 you've got a chance to win a place in Friday's final to win a luxury weekend at Lingfield Park Resort! Lovely jubbly.


Nic xx