Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Own

It's Chooooosday! How you doing?

This morning Jack told us about the restaurant in Japan that offers a 'Moomin' cuddly toy to sit with if you're on a table for 1.

We then ended up having a discussion about the places and things you shouldn't do on your own....because it's a bit weird.

- Go to the cinema

- Go to a theme park

- Play tug of war

- Go 10 pin bowling

But then it got really interesting. We had a call from Andy who knows what they do at restaurants in Russia to help lonely diners. It's quite a genius idea! Listen to this...

Eating On Your Own

Make sure you join us tomorrow morning as Tom wants to celebrate something we've been ignoring all month! It may make you speak in rhyme for the rest of the day.

Nic xx