Thursday:A Day of Celebrations All Round

It was a day of celebration on Heart Breakfast this morning.

We had Jim in Bognor Regis on the show today playing for the town he loves. Jim had an absolutely storming round and ended up getting all 10 questions right!!

Now we know Vic from Haywards Heath has been sitting pretty at the top of the leader-board for some time with 37.6! But was Jim quick enough to take the crow for Bognor Regis? Click below to find out...


It's Kaz's birthday today and Tom and Jack got her a little piggy cake because she grew up on a pig farm! 

Have a nice birthday Kaz. Brownie points on the cake for Tom and Jack!

We will be back tomorrow at 6am for the big Brighton Half Marathon show! All will be revealed tomorrow!

See you in the morning!