Thursday: How To Elect A Pope

It was all about the new POPE this morning! Kaz told us about a Seagull (dubbed on Twitter the Sistine Seagull) and he had been sitting happily on top of the chimney while the the worlds press were waiting for the smoke to come out! This Seagull now has his own Twitter and nearly 10,000 followers!

If only he know how famous he was now! Follow him @SistineSeagull for regular tweets and updates! 

And we also had an insight into how the new Pope is chosen from Jack. Apparently he knows 2 people who work in the restaurant at The Vatican? 

Have a listen to this if you don't know how the Pope Selection process goes.... 


On tomorrow's show Tom and Jack break down some "Man Code" for Kaz and Tom and Jack are off on a day out to the footie! It's also your last chance to win tickets to see The Script so be listening tomorrow for your chance to win!

See you in the morning!