Thursday: Missing Raccoons Call Heart

Today was a bit random..... After hearing that 2 raccoons have gone missing from Drusilla's Animal Park we were very sad and put out an announcement for everyone to keep their eyes peeled!

However we then had a phone call from one of the raccoons! Bandit gave us a call and told us what him and Turpin had been up to. A bit random but very funny if you believe a raccoon can pick up a phone and call a radio station!


Big Town Showdown

And we had the biggest ever fan of the Big Town Showdown on to play today. Mark was on the show playing for the town he loves.......CRAWLEY.


Marks tactic was to be loud and shouty with his answers! Unfortunately he got a few wrong so he didn't beat Crawley's current score but a very good round and you are welcome on the show again Mark.

On tomorrow's show we will update you on the raccoons and will Heart Breakfast be cracking out the first BBQ of the summer??

Find out in the morning from 6am