Thursday: School Dinners & a Holiday

Today on the show.... Tom, Kaz and Jack spoke about their trip to Swiss Gardens Primary School in Shoreham yesterday. It was part of the Heart Breakfast School Dinners Tour which takes them round the region serving up school dinners for all the children


Tom was on "veg or salad" duty yesterday, Jack was on meat and Kaz was on bread. The children were all very lovely and said Tom, Kaz and Jack did a good job serving up the food! The dinner ladies made a special dessert of chocolate puddling which was shaped in little heart shapes!


You can see all the photos by clicking here.


In our competition to win a holiday to The Azores, Wayne (our player from the last 2 days) got all 3 questions right AGAIN today! So this means he will be back tomorrow which is the FINAL. 

Azores Photo 02 

Will he manage to hold on to his prize or will someone else steal at the last moment?? We will see who wins the dream holiday tomorrow!


Jack Wrong Number

On tomorrow's show Jack will call another random person in "You've Got The Wrong Number Mate" and he thinks he has a good way of keeping them on the phone! Listen tomorrow to see how he gets on. 

We also find out who wins that AMAZING holiday to The Azores!!!!