Thursday: Sexy Dancing Part 1

Are you a man? Have you ever tried to claim a woman on the dance floor with some sexy moves? Kaz told us today that when a man is dancing he is "peacocking". This means he is putting on a display to win a woman’s affections. (It’s an animal instinct in all men)

Tom loves to dance and said many times he has tried to woo a lady with some moves on the dance floor! Jack hates to dance and said he would rather stand at the side and give a girl some eye contact instead of dancing. 

Kaz challenged the boys to a "dance off" to see who has the best moves. Jack was very reluctant but after Tom called him a chicken he agreed to the challenge. Today we put this to the test. Tom, Kaz and Jack are off to Oceana night club in Brighton where Tom and Jack put on their best "peacocking" display to see who has the moves to win Kaz over! This could be a good watch, make sure you check out the blog tomorrow to see it for yourself!

Big Town Showdown

On today's Big Town Showdown we had Andy from Bognor on the show. He wanted to play for his town and do Bognor proud!

Andy had a great round and got all questions correct but he was a little slow so he didn't make the Top 5. Great effort though Andy!


On tomorrow's show we see Tom and Jack's sexy dance moves in a video that will once and for all put this argument to bed! 

See you in the morning from 6am!