Thursday: Sneezing On Demand

So this mornings show was slightly on the random side.

Tom told us this morning that the way you sneeze says a lot about your personality! If you have a mousier sneeze or you try to quieten your sneeze then it means you are shy and a bit more reserved!

We had a great call from a guy called Phillip who said he can make himself sneeze on demand! He does a weird thing with his nose that Tom, Kaz and Jack ALL had to try....obviously. 


Big Town Showdown

On this morning's round we had the lovely Tania from Haywards Heath on the show to play the Big Town Showdown!

She wanted to have a go at the 10 general knowledge questions for her town to try and get them to the top of the leaderboard. She didn't get them to the top spot but she did get them inside the top 5. She managed a score of 70.3 which puts Haywards Heath in 4th position! Well done Tania.


On tomorrow's show we look at the things that really should be banned from society! We have a great story about a man who has upset locals with something on the front of his house! We will tell you everything tomorrow!

Davina, CBB

And on Monday's show we'll be joined by the lovely Davina McCall. Join us from 8 o clock for that.

Tom, Kaz and Jack x