Thursday: Things You Do When Nobody Is Watching

Tom was busted singing his Heart out in the upstairs kitchen at work yesterday. So of course we filmed him and put it out there for everyone to see (naturally) and to say Tom was little embarrassed is an understatement. He said he likes to have a little sing to himself when no-one is watching who doesn't??

A bit of a rowdy show today......

Have a look on the Heart Sussex and Surrey Facebook page to hear Tom "singing".

Lots of you called and text with the things you do when you think no-one is watching......

Anne said she will talk to her cats and have a proper conversation with them! Hayley in St.Leonards said she will have a dance in her room when no-else is home but has been busted before! And we had a VERY bizarre call from Julie who greets her cats and her parrot with a weird saying every time she comes home! 

Big Town Showdown

We had a lovely man on to play the Big Town Showdown today. Gary in Newhaven has played the BTS a couple of times before so it was 3rd time lucky for Newhaven.

Unfortunately Gary wasn't as brainy as he was lovely and had a bit of a bad round! After 50 seconds worth of time penalties added he ended up with a final score of 102.6 which put him BOTTOM of the leaderboard. Never mind Gary but please come on again soon because we love you!


On tomorrow's show Kaz is off and leaving the boys to it for the morning so who knows what will be on the show! But you know without Kaz there to keep the Tom and Jack in line things may get crazy! Well worth a listen! 

See you in the morning!