Thursday: Tom's A White Van Man

Tom was feeling very manly today.... He is moving house and for the first time he has hired a BIG WHITE VAN! Tom was looking forward to decorating the van with litter and a copy of the sun newspaper and driving around with his furniture in the back.


Jack came up with a new business idea...vans to hire by the hour! Unfortunately it's already been done so back to the drawing board Jack :( 

Kaz gave an Olympic based Twitter Chatter today. She told us about Judo Player Gemma Gibbons who tweeted a pic of the toilets in Buckingham Palace! They were a bit old and victorian looking!!

Olympic stamp for Rowing gold medal

She also told us about 2 Olympians that have had their medals stolen on a night out! Rower Alex Partridge and Hockey star Hannah MacLeod have both made Twitter appeals for their safe return!

And today was a bit BOND! Jack gave us BOND IN SOUNDS!!!!!!! Which was basically the plot of every Bond film in sounds, in 20 seconds. Genius! 

You can hear it by clicking here.


Jack Wrong Number

Tomorrow on the show we have Wayne in Tarring playing the Big Town Showdown, more Twitter Chatter and Jack calls another random number in "You've Got the Wrong Number Mate!" Hear the previous calls by clicking here.

You cannot miss tomorrow's show!!!