Thursday: Tony Is In Trouble This Xmas

Tony Shepherd is in with Kaz today while Tom and Jack have a well earned lie in.....

Kaz is a little worried about Tony. He has his whole family coming over for Christmas day and he hasn't done much preparation yet! A few pressies bought but nothing wrapped and he has hasn't even started the food shop!

Sussex and Surrey gave their very best tips to our Tony....

Sharon- Give them the wrong address, the neighbours will feed them before they realise they're in the wrong house and send them round, Job Done!

Nikki- Keep calm and drink beer!!

Genevieve- Keep it simple, do as much prep as you can the day before. In reality it is only a roast dinner so don't stress just make sure that the turkey is well defrosted if you have bought frozen and that you have cooked it properly!!

Emma- Don't answer the door.... 

Some really great ones came in and Tony has made a few notes!

Kaz also thought Tony may need a hand with wrapping presents. So she set him a challenge....

Imagine your long lost Aunt Flo turns up out of the blue on Christmas day and you havn't got her a pressie! You have to grab the nearest thing you can find in your cupboard (a Heart mug) and wrap it in 30 seconds!! This is how Tony got on.....

Tony Gift Wrapping

The shape wasn't the best and it was slightly rushed but considering he only had 30 seconds it wasn't a bad effort!! 


On tomorrow's show we play Jack's Christmas song at 8.35! We have some Christmas tips to keep your mother-in-law happy and we want you to complete this phrase-

"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without.........."

Kaz and Tony will see you in the morning!