Tom Is Going Busking!!


First of all we'd like to wish a big happy birthday to Hearts own Emma Bunton!

This morning we heard how Nicola got on with her money making scheme. She went to Brighton station and offered £1 a cuddle. She didn't get off to a good start to be honest...Have a little listen to this...
Plus, if you missed how Jack got on yesterday during the show with his windscreen wash money making scheme then listen to this...
The reason they're doing this is, like the rest of the UK, they've spent too much money over Christmas and January is a long old month!
At the end of the week they'll each take their earnings and buy an outfit from a charity shop.
Tom is heading out today to try his hand a busking! I kid you not, he has his ukulele with him! If you want to see him then he'll be at County Mall shopping centre in Crawley from 11:30.
If you won't get the chance to see him, don't worry, you'll hear how he got on on tomorrow's show from 8am.