Tom Makes Nicola Sleep In Bunkbeds


This morning on Heart Breakfast there was a slightly awkward moment. Nicola and her husband Scott have been invited to Tom's for the weekend and Tom layed a bombshell on them.....they have to stay in Bunkbeds! Not bunkbeds in the 'kids room' but bunkbeds in the spare room! Tom's dad stays in there sometimes! Listen below to how Jack reacted to the news this morning.

Tom Makes Nicola Sleep In Bunkbeds

Tom, Nicola and Jack came up with the 'Back to school survival guide'. Obviously the kids are back this week, some moving up a year and some moving to a bigger school. Here's some of the top tips they came up with to help the kids settle in - 

- Make friends with the dinner ladies, you'll get good portions (suggested by Nicola)

- Don't take any equipment with characters on, eg a He-Man lunchbox (Jack the Lad)

- Don't get your haircut the day before just in case it goes wrong (Becca in Horsham)

- Don't call your teacher 'Mum' (Vicky Jones on Facebook)

Also keeping to the Back to School theme - Tom, Nic and Jack played another round of DINNER MONEY DOUBLE DARE!!! Congratulations to 7 year old Elisa from Salt Dene who won the £24 JACKPOT! Tomorrow is the last chance to play, tune in from 8!