Tom, Nicola and Jack's Fitness Adverts!

It's the middle of the week! Welcome to Wednesday!

Today we had the pleasure of hearing Tom, Nicola and Jack's adverts.
This week they're championing a fitness programme each and one of them will put on a fitness class on Thursday dependent on who you vote for.
Tom is representing yoga! Earlier this week Tom headed out to give it a go, he's learnt a few positions and would love to host his yoga class. Have a listen to his advert...

Nicola has landed Box-fit bootcamp! She went to a full training session earlier this week and loved it! Have a listen to her advert, she wants to win you over...

And Jack turned his hand at Zumba! He secretly loves it. He went and took part in a full zumba class on Monday with lost of other dancing ladies. What more could he want! He'd love to host a zumba class! Have a listen to his advert...


If you want Tom to put on a yoga class text “Tom” to 82122 

If you want Nicola to put on a Boxfit Bootcamp text “Nicola” to 82122

Or if you want Jack to take a Zumba Class text Jack to 82122. Texts will be charged at your standard message rate and Lines are open until 7pm on Wednesday the 8th January. Any texts received afterwards will not count but may still be charged.

Make sure you join us tomorrow at 7.50 to find out who wins and who will be hosting a fitness class that YOU could attend!