Tom, Nicola & Jack's Work Experience

Monday, the start of a brand spanking new week!

Tom, Nicola and Jack had a fab weekend at the SD2 festival! Were you there? There were fab performances from Connor Maynard, The Saturdays and of course the boys from The Wanted! Tom embarrassed himself slightly though, whilst hosting he had to kick a Heart beachball into the crowd.....his kick was a bit, shall we say, skew wiff. Yep. It went backwards! Hahaha.

If you were there and had your photo taken by the Heart team then your face could be on our website! Head to to have a little look.

This week is WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK on Heart Breakfast! All this week Tom, Nicola and Jack will be heading out to experience a bit of hard graft.

We asked for some suggestions from you, our listeners, on what they should work as, which were all put into a hat and picked out by our producer Brian.

Here is the big reveal on what they'll be up to this week....

Tom, Nicola & Jack's Work Experience


Find out how Nicola gets on at Brighton and Newhaven fish sales tomorrow. Will she be able to cope with the smells? Can she handle a crab? Tune in from 8am!