Tom's Christmas Song!

6 days till Christmas!!! It's Thursdaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Are you all set for Christmas day? Shopping done? Food bought? Cards sent?!

Well to make you feel festive we played Tom's Christmas song on Heart Breakfast this morning!
This week Tom, Nicola and Jack were set a challenge to write and perform their own Christmas songs! We heard Nicola's 'Elf For A Day' yesterday and it went down pretty well! Today was Tom's turn and WHAT A SMASHER!!
Have a listen to this and let us know what you think...
Introducing the festive toe tapper 'It's Christmas Time'

GO TOM!!! Great tune, and may we add, fantastic harmonies!
Tomorrow we'll be playing Jack's Christmas song! By the sound of things he's having a nightmare. He chose backing music that sounds like a massive number from Les Mis! Oh you know it's gonna be good! Make sure you tune in from 8 to hear it!