Tom's Retro Celeb!

So after Tom's top tip to leave your towel on your windscreen overnight so you don't have to de-ice in the wasn't a frost start. Started off the day with wet towels! Cheers Tom!

Day 4 of Retro Week on Heart Breakfast!

Today Tom, Nicola and Jack played 'Retro Hour'.
It's a virtual retro hour that happens to fall at lunchtime. You head home for lunch to pop on the TV. We wanted to know...
What are you watching?
What are you wearing?
What are you having for lunch?
Nicola was wearing purple jeans, spice girls top and bright blue naff naff bomber jacket
Watching - funhouse
Eating - packet of 10p picked onion space invaders
Drinking - blue panda pop
"i'd be watching the Jetsons! Wearing dungarees n lion king slippers that are too big and make me trip over all the time drinking tizer! Emma from redhill"

"For my retro hour I am sat in my ra ra skirt with my red heart deely boppers, watching Knight Rider, drinking a Slush Puppy and eating a Texan Bar. From Pauline in Lancing"

 "I'm wearing flairs with a tank top, watching Joe ninety while eating winkles washed down with a can of Vimto, Steve in Hove"

Also this morning, Tom played his Retro celeb trump card! All this week Tom, Nic and Jack have been challenged to get a retro celebrity on the show. Yesterday Nicola managed to get Jocelyn Brown. This morning Tom had his celeb on the phone. But who would it be?
MICHAELA STRACHAN!!! Former host of the really wild show. Not only was it brilliant having her on the show but she came live all the way from South Africa! Well played Tommy!!!

But who will Jack get? Will he get anyone at all? He has been struggling quite a bit.
Find out how he gets on on tomorrow's show from 8!