Tuesday: Taking Off Your Wedding Ring

Check your left hand boys. Have you got your wedding ring on?

Well Ant (of Ant & Dec) forgot to put his wedding ring on when he was filming "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" on Sunday night!! Kaz said that isn't a good move for a man! Girls don't like it when you forget to put your ring on, not because they think you are having an affair but because if you are married you should be wearing your ring!

Tom said it's an easy mistake to make, he did it once and his wife sent him a photo of the ring! Jack said all women suspect you are having an affair if you forget your ring. He left his ring at the gym once and his wife gave him "the look"......that said it all.

Couple driving a convertible

Today on the show we talked about driving abroad after Tom revealed just how much time and effort you have to put into getting a Japanese driving licence. Kaz said she wouldn't drive abroad. It's far too scary and she is worried she would drive on the wrong side of the road!

Tom got a van stuck on the car park roof in spain when he realised his van was too big to get through the gap! It took him 4 hours to get out! Jack had a great story about when him and his family were on holiday in Tenerife and his dad decided to take a trip out in the hire car near the volcano. The car ran out of petrol and he had to free wheel the car down the side of a volcano with the family in the car! His mum was not best pleased!


Wizard of Oz - Worthing

On the show tomorrow we have more tickets for a VIP style night out to watch the Wizard of OZ in Worthing at the Pavillion Theatre! You will get a stay in a hotel, dinner and you will get to meet the cast! Make sure you are listening tomorrow at 7.25am!