Tuesday: Jack Brings Back Holiday Gifts

Tom, Kaz and Jack all back together today!! It was nice to have Jack back on the show after he had been away on holiday. He jetted off to Cyprus with his wife and son and had a lovely time. He got Tom and Kaz a nice holiday gift each which he gave them.....

Kaz got a "lucky cats" deck of cards. 54 playing cards with pics of adorable cats from Cyprus which she loved because she loves cats! Tom opened his parcel to find a half eaten packet of traditional Cypriot biscuits.  Tom was most un-impressed and asked why the packet was not full? Apparently Jack got a bit hungry on the plane as the sandwich's were too dear...... so Tom's biscuits came out! Oh well the thought was there....

Jack's Gifts

Kaz bought us some good Twitter gossip today! The gorgeous Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays has just got engaged to footballer boyfriend Wayne Bridge! 

Jack was very much gutted about this because Frankie is his dream woman! Kaz also told us about a war of words on Twitter between One Direction and The Wanted. Things turned a bit ugly after Louis had made a dig at The Wanted at their gig at the 02 at the weekend.

The rest of the band then started wading in and also the girlfriends of the band members got involved too! #TEAMWANTED


On tomorrow's show we see how Tom is feeling ahead of Sunday's Brighton Marathon and we ask you this question: What would you like to happen to you at least once in your life?? 

See you in the morning!