Tuesday: Jack Rescues Our Producers Wife

We had a real life hero on the show today.... Well it was our very own Jack the Lad but he was still the hero that saved the day!

Producer Brian's wife Sian had broken down on her way to work near the Holmbush Centre in Shoreham, her windscreen was so frosted over she couldn't even see! Poor Sian was stopping the traffic and had to get a police escort to come and get her car to a safe place. To add to that the car's heater had packed up and she was frozen!

So Jack got in his car, armed with a Heart Ice Scraper and went to help a lady in distress! He tracked Sian down at the back of the Tesco petrol station and got her in his car in the warm. All ended well and hopefully she won't divorce Producer Brian after sending her off in the dodgy car with no heating!

Today on the Big Town Showdown, we had Tom from Burgess Hill on to play. He was fairly confident and thought he would do ok!

He didn't have the best round bless him and after time penalties added he managed a score of 107 seconds. Not the best but by no means the worst!


On tomorrow's show we talk about "self-gifting" and have a think about this.... "What do you think is the biggest argument couples have this time of year?"

See you in the morning!