Tuesday: A New Big Town Showdown Leader

A busy show today....

Tom, Kaz and Jack were excited today as it was a BIG day on the Big Town Showdown!!

We had the lovely Georgie on the show and she wanted to play the Big Town Showdown for the town she loves......Hove.

She was very nervous but she powered through the questions and got all of them right. So it all of a sudden got very tense in the studio as she had a very quick round indeed and we knew she would be top 5 at least! Georgie got all her questions right in a record time of 34.6!!!So we now have a BRAND NEW leader for the Big Town Showdown! Hove is sitting pretty at the top! Hear her round below...



Kaz had a great round of Twitter Chatter today....

She gave us all the gossip on Beyonce's very naughty new single "Bow Down" (this isn't one for the kids to listen to). A bit of a mixed reaction on Twitter with most people saying that they didn't think all the bad language was good for Beyonce. 

Kaz also said that Simon Cowell had been tweeting lots. He has been talking about changes to the X Factor, the 1 Direction movie and he appeared to get a little emotional on his Twitter account this morning!


Men's hairy back

On tomorrow's show we talk weird turn on's and turn off's after a new poll has been released. If you are a singleton you might want to be listening in the morning!

See you then!