Tuesday: Random Encounters With A Celeb

It was all a bit showbizzy today on Heart Breakfast.....


So, Geri Halliwell was dared by Mel B to go into a busy pub and start singing a Spice Girls song! Geri did the dare but was absolutely mortified! 


It got us talking about really random celebrity encounters! 

Maggie said she once had to share a lift with Timmy Mallet on her way up the Eiffel Tower! And Gill in Crawley was working in Duty Free and he served a woman with big hair and dark glasses and it was Diana Ross buying some make up!

But we had a great call from Ian who had a rather crazy celebrity encounter on a farm in Seaford...


Big Town Showdown

We had an AMAZING round of the Big Town Showdown today. Kim in Hailsham wanted to try and put her town at the top of the leader board and she was super fast!!

Unfortunately for Kim she got 2 questions wrong but because she was so fast her score still put her 2nd on the BTS leader board!! If she had got all her questions right she would have been in the top spot!! Never mind Kim, a great effort!


After the show tomorrow Tom, Kaz and Jack are off to London for a big company meeting but we have a feeling that a certain someone on the team may not be as well behaved as he needs to be! Oh dear. Listen tomorrow to find out what Jack's up to now......