Tuesday: St George's Day Celebrations

Happy St.Georges Day!

Tom told Kaz and Jack this morning that it was St.Georges Day! Kaz had no idea and said the day would have passed her by if Tom hadn't mentioned it! Jack said we should be more patriotic about this day because all the other countries go mad for their national day! 

Loads of you text and called in and told us what you were up to for St.Georges Day and it seems that lots of you are celebrating! Dressing up in red and white clothing and eating traditional English food for dinner tonight are some of the more popular ones!

Karl Jenkins by John Phillips/PA Photos

After seeing an orchestra conductor on the TV Jack decided that they really don't do anything! He thinks they have the EASIEST job in the whole world when all they do is wave a knitting needle around like mad! Tom and Kaz tried to explain that they have a very important role!

But it did get us talking about jobs and what you think is the "Easiest Job in the World"

Lots of fantastic suggestions came in and you had some brilliant ideas! A lighthouse operator, a chocolate taster, a lifeguard at the Olympics and an Elevator Operator were some of the suggestions!


On tomorrow's show Jack the Lad will use his powers of persuasion on some local builders. There is a piece of land opposite Heart which he has his eye on and you know he doesn't want to do something "normal" with it. Tune in tomorrow to find out what his plans are.......