Tuesday: Tom, Kaz & Jack Get Their Feet Read

We had a "Foot-Reader" on today's show......Yes a foot reader!

Jane Sheehan reads peoples feet and today she read Tom, Kaz and Jacks feet in the studio!

According to Jane Tom's feet say he can be diva-ish, Kaz can be bossy if she doesn't get her way and Jack can be a bull in a china shop! (It's almost as though she knows!!)

She told us what are feet say about us and what personality traits we have. Very clever!

Tom, Kaz & Jack Foot Reading

We were giving away another fantastic prize on Heart Breakfast today.
An iPad Mini was up for grabs all thanks to Canderel and today's lucky player was Matt!

Matt had to get through 30 seconds of hard questioning from Jack and not say the words yes or no! Matt was a bit stumbly in parts but he stuck to the rules and managed to get through the the time so he won the prize!!
He said his children will love using an iPad Mini! 
Marc Jacobs bag

On tomorrow's show the winning continues with more amazing prizes from Canderel!! Brace yourselves ladies, we will be giving away a Marc Jacobs handbag in the morning and we know you want that in your wardrobe!!


See you in the morning!