Tuesday: Tom's Gifts For Kaz & Jack

So Tom is back today after a well earned rest!

However, he did come back to a somewhat chaotic breakfast show! Sussex and Surrey had been hit with a blizzard yesterday and the roads were crazy this morning!

Cars and lorries were abandoned on the side of many roads, lots of people saying small journeys home took 7/8 hours and some people slept in their cars on the A23 last night for over 10 hours! Be safe today everyone, driving conditions are very bad.

Tom returned from his holiday and he was bearing gifts from his Scottish adventure!

He got Jack a tin of Haggis and Kaz a tartan hat with a ginger wig attached to it! Very nice Tom! Kaz loved her new hat but was not quite so impressed with his gift.

Jack & Kaz Scottish Gifts


On tomorrow's show we will be giving away more tickets to see The Script, Kaz will have another round of Twitter Chatter and we play you the prank we played on our boss! You do not wan't to miss it!

Heart Breakfast x