Tuesday: When Gadgets Catch You Out

Today on Heart Breakfast, Tom Kaz and Jack were talking about "When Gadgets Bite Back"

Has technology ever failed you so badly it ruined a relationship or caused an argument? Well most of us have apparently sent an explicit text/ photo to the WRONG person! 

We had some fantastic callers on the show with some truly fantastic stories of when their phone/email let them down!

Have a little listen to this......

And we were still talking about the Oscars today...…

But this time it was Elton John's Oscars Party! Kaz gave us a run down in Twitter Chatter on the rather strange outfit that Jim Carey wore!

Jim decided to put a pair of angels wings on the back of his jacket and then he wore a huge pair of feet as shoes!! They were a bit like the comedy slippers you would get for Christmas off your nan but this was a shoe version. They seemed to go down very well at the party!


On tomorrow's show we get all nostalgic and remember the games we used to play as kids! 

All will be revealed in the morning so make sure you join us!