Tuesday: A Right Royal Show

On Heart Breakfast this morning we celebrated the amazing news......

With the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy yesterday it got the whole of Sussex and Surrey celebrating the fantastic news. Tom, Kaz and Jack thought they would play a little game this morning by generating your very own, very posh sounding baby name. At least if Will and Kate get stuck for a name they can use this too. All you need to do is start with either Lord or Lady, then one of your grandparents first names, followed by the name of your first pet, then a hyphen and finish it with the name of the street you grew up on.

So the Heart Breakfast Team came up with these names for themselves-

Tom- Lord Kenneth Fidget- Drawington.

Kaz- Lady Nora Elvis - Burnt Fen.

Jack- Lord Raymond Tramp - Island Farm.

Marcella (from news)- Winifred Woofy Ockham Road North.

We had loads of you calling in with your "Royal names" and after the fanfare you introduced yourself (in your poshest voice)...

Thanks to Lady Mabel Bubbles- Casterton, Lady Lillian Timmy- Springfield and Lord Eric Mutley - Woodside Road! Loads of great ones on Facebook too!

Prince Charles Royal Tour of Canada Day

We were truly privileged to have HRH The Prince of Wales call us up to tell us about how happy he was to be expecting a grand child (though strangely enough Jack just happened to be out of the studio when he rang). You can hear it by clicking below.



And we enjoyed another day of "Sleeps till Santa" it's now only 21!! Listen to it by clicking HERE.

Lots of crazy people dancing around their kitchens in Sussex and Surrey getting very excited for the big man to arrive!

On tomorrow's show we talk about self gifting! Is it ok to buy presents for yourself and then give them to people to give to you??

See you at 6am!