Unbelievable flight stories

What a beautiful Thursday! More of this weather please!

This morning on Heart Breakfast the show started with just Tom and Nicola in the studio....where was Jack? No one had heard anything from him! Tom and Nic got super excited, could the baby be here?

Today is Jack's due date! His baby could be here any day now! Could the baby be here?!......................No.
He was just late. His cat apparently brought in a rabbit! That was his excuse. So still no baby but the whole Heart Breakfast team are waiting with nervous excitement for the phone to ring.
Also this morning, Tom found a story about Ryan Reynolds stripped off on an economy flight. Cue the screaming ladies!!!!!!
Nicola said she would've just shoved her face into his bare buff chest. Phwoooooaaaarrrr. So we were asking you to complete the sentence 'You'll never believe what happened on my flight......'
There were some fantastic stories but the one that topped it all was Mark from Horsham. Have a listen to this.....
Make sure you tune in to Heart Breakfast tomorrow morning as we are giving you the chance to ask Jack anything. Literally anything. We're talking the world most difficult questions. Can he answer them?