We Chatted To Davina McCall!

It's Tuesday and honestly my heart goes out to all of those affected by the flooding. Really awful. When will the horrific weather stop?!!

I tell you what, there is someone who is braving this horrible weather and going all out in a massive challenge for charity. Davina McCall!! 

We had a rather emotional chat with her this morning. She's travelling 500 miles from Scotland to London by running, cycling and swimming for Sport Relief. If you missed out chat with her, you can have a listen here - 
Davina McCall On Heart Breakfast
Also this morning we played round 2 of the Heart Breakfast Office Winter Olympics!!
It's Tom Vs Jack!!
After round 1, it was 1-0 to Tom after he beat Jack at 'wrap up warm'. He put on the most items of clothing in 60 seconds.
Today's challenge was titled 'The Vanilla Ice Speed Skating Challenge' (slightly shoehorned but i'm quite proud of that title).
They had to rap along with the Vanilla Ice song 'Ice Ice Baby' and keep up with him. But there was a slight twist. The song would get faster and faster and whoever manages to keep going the longest, wins.
It was close.........ok no it wasn't close. Jack smashed it! Tom lasted 2 sentences!
So right now it's
Tom - 1 - 1 - Jack!!
What will tomorrow bring?!
See ya tomorrow from 6! Nic x