Wednesday: Christmas Gifts

So today is the last day Tom, Kaz and Jack will be together until after Christmas….

It was a day of surprises after opening a package on the show that was sent to them containing a few nice bottles of plonk! 

Tom, Kaz and Jack also exchanged their gifts to eachother. Kaz got Jack a bottle of something nice and Tom the new Bradley Wiggens book and the boys clubbed in and got Kaz a lovely beauty treatment at The Lanes Health and Beauty in Brighton. There has been lots of singing and Christmas dancing in the studio today and everyone was feeling very Christmassy.

Tony Shepherd will be here for the next couple of days with Kaz looking after things until the weekend and getting you in the Christmas mood!!

We had a great call today from Jack's nephew Louie who called to rat out his uncle Jack! 

Louie said that Jack had got him a pair of socks the year before and he thinks that is a rubbish present for a 6 year old! Jack tried to fight his corner and told Louie he had bought him board games but Louie said No!......It was just socks.

Louie also told his Uncle Jack that he is going on Santa's naughty list!!

And we revisited another classic track by Jack. This time it was his rendition of the Eric Carman classic "Hungry Eyes".  



Tony Shepherd & Kaz Carter

Tomorrow on the show we have the lovely Tony Shepherd filling in while the boys are having a well earned rest. He will be joining Kaz and getting some Christmas "training"

See you in the morning from 6am.