Wednesday: Expensive Party For Jack's Son

Shiver me timbers, Jack's upset that his 3 year olds party is turning out to be a little pricey...... His wife Sallyanne wants to do a pirate-themed party for Reuben with a bouncy castle, ball pit, bubble machine and not to mention the food and drink!

Jack said he isn't over the moon about paying for it as it will cost around £400!

Jack seems to think it would be ok to charge the children a fee to come into the party, something between £5-£7.50??

Sussex and Surrey were disgusted at the idea and hundreds of you text and called in with your opinion! We had a call from Elizabeth who gave Jack a bit of a telling off! She said there is no way you can charge people and if that is the case you shouldn't be having a big party!

Reading Half Marathon

Tom is getting ready for the Marathon on Sunday and he is trying to get rid of his cold for the big run! We are all rooting for Tom and if you can afford to please give Tom a small donation for 2 amazing charities Neuroblastoma Alliance UK and Childline.

Kaz is also doing some running! She will be running the Race for Life with 50 lovely listeners on the 2nd of June in Horsham. You can still register online at!


On tomorrow's show we have some fun Kim Kardashian news and also we introduce you to one of our very good friends here at Heart who could be the next Miss England! Keep listening for all the info!

See you in the morning!