Wednesday: Jack's Flapjack Injury Line

So you might have heard about the school that has banned triangle flapjacks on grounds of them being health and safety risks to the children.

Well Jack decided that it wasn't just the flapjacks that could cause injuries and as the saying goes "When there's a blame, there's a claim"! 


And we gave away another great prize today on Heart Breakfast......

Calm yourselves ladies.....we gave away a Marc Jacobs handbag!!

These are the handbags that you will always see on Victoria Beckham's arm! The handbag of the rich and famous! 

Marc Jacobs bag

Today's contestant was Donna in Brighton who was desperate for the prize! She had to undergo 30 seconds worth of hard questioning from Jack without using the words yes or no. Although she had a bit of a cold, Donna put in a great performance and won the bag! Lucky girl!


Make sure you are listening tomorrow for the Big Town Showdown Final. Will Hove be top of the leader board?

And also on tomorrow's show we will be giving away an amazing spa day!! 

Join us in the morning from 6am......