Wednesday: Kaz is in for a surprise

Kaz is a huge Alesha Keys fan, we've got a ticket to see her at our intimate gig... how far will she go to get it?

Well this morning we asked for your suggestions as to what task we should set for her and you came up with some crackers. 

Chris in Uckfield said "get kaz to play don't forget the lyrics with alicia keys songs".

Keith in Lewes suggested "Wear her bra and nickers on the outside of her clothes". We think he might just want to see the photos of that. 

The best one which we are going to get her to do was from Michelle in Eastbourne, hear it below.


Find out tomorrow at 7.50 how that goes, we get a feeling that she will be terrified!


And tomorrow we've got another chance to win £500 and a stack of games tomorrow morning at 7.25 on Heart Breakfast. 

We'll give you a name of a Heart artist but mix up all the letters, if you can work out who they are you could be wining the cash.