Wednesday: Kissing a celeb

A bit of a saucy show today...... After hearing that Jay from The Wanted had a bit of a cheeky snog with a fan on stage it got us talking about "brief encounters" with celebrities. Have you ever had one?

Kaz got asked out on a date by a member of a big boy band but she had a boyfriend at the time so had to say no.

We had loads of calls from you naughty folks. Seems that Sussex and Surrey have had kisses from Rylan, boxer Joe Bugden and Joyce had a little cuddle with this guy...


Tom Kaz and Jack are off on the Heart Breakfast School Dinners Tour for the final day today. They are are heading over to Haywards Heath to the Twineham C of E School to serve up school dinner to the masses.

school dinner

On today's menu it's Roast Beef and then chocolate sponge and custard! Result! 


Tomorrow on the show we talk about attraction. Is it possible to know if you want to be with someone after 90 seconds of meeting them?? 

Join us tomorrow from 6am....