Wednesday: Self Gifting

Today was a big day for our lovely Sam in Hailsham...

She has been sitting at the top of the Big Town Showdown leader-board with a super fast score of 32.9 seconds!

Today was the final day of this season of the BTS and we had Anita from Newhaven on the show to try and steal the top spot. Hear the round by clicking HERE

Christmas Gifts

There was a hot debate in the studio today "SELF GIFTING" is it acceptable??

Tom bought himself a cricket bat and gave it to his mum to give back to him for Christmas! He wanted to make sure he got the one he wanted. Kaz said it takes the fun out of Christmas day! Jack said you can't do that! You need to keep it a surprise!

Loads of you called and text in with your views-

Angela- If I see something I really like I buy it, take it home wrap it up, put it under the tree with a label saying..."mummy we love you so very much and thank you for looking after us. Lots of love from Monty and Mason (my German shepherd and Labrador)!!!  

Natalie- Takes the fun out of Christmas !!!!!!!!! but at least you don't have to pretend to like something or spend time returning things !!!!!!!!

Jenni- What's the fun in that! Christmas isn't Christmas without that jumper you really don't want, but you will wear it all day dodging any pictures being taken of you in it!

Natasha-  my parents take me out and buy me what I would like, as I am very fussy. I then am content knowing that I too am getting something that I really want. Tom im with you x


Big Town Showdown

Tomorrow on the show keep listening as Jack will be out and about in Hailsham ready to surprise our Big Tow Showdown winner Sam!!

See you in the morning!