Wednesday: We Stitch Up Our Boss

Today on Heart Breakfast we were a bit mean..... Our boss has just got back from a lovely 2 week holiday and Tom, Kaz and Jack know that when he comes back from holiday he will be a bit uptight and grumpy to be back home.

So we thought we would try and get one up on the boss and play a bit of a trick on him for a laugh. We asked the good people of Sussex and Surrey what we should do and Monika text in saying we should pretend that we let slip one of the names on "Who's on Heart"

This is possibly the WORST thing Tom, Kaz and Jack could ever do to the boss as "Who's on Heart" is totally top secret and the rules are very strict indeed! Hear what happened when we secretly recorded the boss......and this did not go down well at all! 


Big Town Showdown

We had the lovely Cara on from Shoreham Beach this morning to play the Big Town Showdown.

She was a training midwife and was sat in her University bar whilst she was answering her BTS questions! She did well and only got 3 wrong but Tom, Kaz and Jack could hear a sneaky friend helping her out! When we asked her if she had help she quickly hung up the phone! Busted Cara! But very well done anyway, you were a great sport and you are welcome to play again for the town you love. She put Shoreham Beach 24th on the leaderboard with an overall score of 80.9!


On tomorrow's show we have more tickets to see The Script! Listen out at 7.25am.

Have a good day!